What I’ve Learned from My 5 Failed Blogs

I’ve made a bad decision.

I’ve started a blog.

You know the worst part of them all? This isn’t my first one.

I’ve made a blog about myself, about coffee, about shoes, anything that i think i could like writing about.

It went up in flames.

You should’ve seen how my face looked like when i saw it coming.

But you know, even though i still don’t know what makes those blogs failed (no i think it’s the fact that nobody cares) i would think this one’s gonna makes all the difference.


cuz i will make a drawing for every post i made. Let’s call it an “original innovation” which is something that i think are missing in my previous failed attempt.

here, take a look at this.

it’s so damn old i had to use and yeah it’s an Indonesian website in case you were wondering what the hell is that language.

my latest failed blog,, it was a blog about anything related to coffee. I like coffee and i thought it would be a great idea to be able to write about it.

Let me show you my other failed blog.

it’s so damn old that can’t even remember how my first blog looked like.

That wasn’t my first blog, in fact it had no blog at all. That was my first website and it left me wondering why did nobody came. I got an offer to get on a partnership with someone to dropship bunch of his shoes. I never had any experience with shoes, last time i think about shoes during that time was the moment my mom told me “I didn’t know you hated shoes that much you went with sandals on wedding ceremonies”

I wanted to show you more of my failed blogs but i think waybackmachine has given up. Just take a look at this.

this is just as how i remembered it last time i managed this blog.

From all of those failed blogs, there are many things i could nitpick and find the reason why i failed big time but that would take an entire day to write and for you to read.

to sum it up.

I don’t have any “share value”

hm, how do i put it.

I didn’t have anything can be shared across the social media

Blogging was just all about writing. As long as you write good you’re good to go.

That was me when i purchased my 4th blogging hosting plan.

I was wrong, and i just realized it now.

Blogging is also about having something that people / you can share across social media, whether it’s pinterest, twitter, or instagram so that people could recognize you and that’s where traffic would come.

some people go with infographics, trivia, memes, and they would share it on pinterest and boom.

now i decided to do the same.

here is my first drawing to commence my 5th blogging project.

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